Putting Farmers First

Putting Farmers First refers to CPAR’s approach to supporting long-term food security for farming families in vulnerable African communities.

It emphasizes the belief that small-scale farming is an effective means of sustaining livelihoods for communities in rural Sub-Saharan Africa in the face of global challenges such as climate change and fluctuating food prices.

At the core of CPAR’s approach are a series of practices that expand opportunities for farmers to lead competitive value-added agricultural production and marketing efforts. With an emphasis on local innovation and ownership, CPAR works with rural farming communities in Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania to improve year-round food security by:

  • Increasing knowledge and skills for sustainable farming
  • Improving access to markets and thereby boosting farmers’ incomes
  • Targeting the most vulnerable, including children, women, and those living with HIV & AIDS
  • Increasing production of high nutrient food to ensure children get the food they need to grow up healthy

Tanazian Farmer

Tanzania Farmer - Food in hand

Tanzania Child

Food in hands


George looks at Coconut with CPAR staff