Agricultural Justice

The food and agriculture justice movement has become an increasingly important component of local, national and international development initiatives.ETH Jarso FF - Migro Grain Marketing Co Op - Sisay w her improved teff

Agricultural justice works to eliminate the barriers to equitable access to healthy, culturally appropriate food, and limits on opportunities to grow food for personal consumption or livelihoods. Working to promote inclusivity, the agricultural justice movement ensures the interests and needs of those most often excluded from the current food system are given a voice. For example, CPAR prioritizes the inclusion of women smallholder farmers in its programming and includes gender equity as a cross-cutting component of all its work. Worldwide, people, communities and organizations are coming together to work towards improving access to nutritious food and to promote the right to food as a basic human right. Watch the video and explore the resources section to find out more about food and agricultural justice initiatives, and discover how people are bringing changes to their communities.